[ Arthur Meehan Selected Artworks 8 juni - 1 september


Ontdek de boeiende match tussen de werken van Arthur Meehan, een artiest die met weinig licht en een minimum aan gereedschap tot een zo eerlijk mogelijk beeld komt en onze belevingsruimte die de symbiose tussen materialen, ambacht en ontwerp overbrengt in een uniek kader. We willen u meenemen op een verrijkende ontdekking om samen de ideale leefomgeving over te geven.

Dit event is een samenwerking tussen Arthur Meehan, Event Particulier (Henri Bolsius) & Dirk Cousaert.

“When Henri told me about DC and their way of designing I was immediately sold on the idea of exhibiting with them. After reading about their concept of Entelechy, I really felt as though this could be a great collaboration as I feel that the minimal and organic way that I work is along the same lines as DC. All of their work is made with 3 elements from the earth. Wood, metal, and stone. It is all hand crafted and has beautiful imperfections within each piece that is created.

I work in the same simple way. I use natural light and a very simple camera with film. Any camera will work for me as long as it is a film camera. I only use what light is available to me at the given moment to create the image. I usually have an idea of what the finished image will look like when I am shooting. All my original prints are hand printed using a Lith developer. This process has an effect of bringing out imperfections that I like. I don’t like things to be perfect. Sometimes my prints look as though they have been photographed on glass plates with the scratches and dust marks. I like my work to have a rough feeling to it, an almost earthy quality in tone and grain. I love when the grain has a sand like quality to it displaying the beauty of the female form. I like my images to look as though they have been sculpted out of the darkness and brought to life by what little light I use. Most of my inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the landscape in which I live. It is covered with rocks, trees and water , not unlike DC’s metal ,stone and wood creations.”

Arthur Meehan was born in 1968 in New Jersey (USA) and studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York City, widely regarded as one of the leading art schools in the United States. Two of his favorite artists are sculptor Rodin and the photographer Edward Weston. Arthur is inspired by pure beauty and without ornaments.
He likes to photograph women as they are naturally. His images are sweet and beautiful. Some of his early photographs are produced with an old Polaroid 195 camera and black and white films that are no longer available. He now uses various film cameras and whatever film is available. His images are then developed by hand in high quality. He likes simple and direct images.
Arthur Meehan works between London, Paris, New York and Denmark.