Entelechy® is the path we choose to achieve a full life.

Entelechy® permeates all Dirk Cousaert creations.
In this volatile world, we try to make people think about what is valuable. Entelechy® is a view of life that manifests itself in several ways. It teaches us to enjoy imperfections and frees our mind from any fears that keep us from achieving our goals. Our company exudes a determined, courageous spirit. You can see it and above all, you can feel it.
Entelechy® is not a set of written rules. It is a feeling more than anything else.

A few thousand years ago, Aristotle launched the term entelechy to refer to the human soul as the natural body’s first reality. In his opinion, entelechy is the final cause, complemented by the material cause, the formal cause and the efficient cause.

The Dirk Cousaert team interprets this in its own way.

The material cause 

The material cause is all about the physical strength of materials.
We admire the structure, hardness, the surfaces, the colours and the variety of wood, steel and stone. The small natural imperfections that contribute perfectly to the object’s appearance.
That is why we also cherish the history of the materials we work with. We often use recycled materials that are given a new life in our creations.

The formal cause 

The formal cause has to do with the materials used in a design to achieve a striking general effect. The challenge we face is the creation of bold concepts, unconventional spaces and objects. We combine different materials to achieve an unexpectedly harmonious whole.

The efficient cause

The efficient cause is the force that shapes the world, the energy that comes from living beings. That force also lies within our professionals, who constantly develop their professional knowledge and push their own boundaries in their daily work. We cherish this craftsmanship: the knowledge we have acquired today, but also the techniques and methods that other craftsmen have passed on to us from the near and distant past.

Entelechy® is the energy that is unleashed when these three forces meet in our work.