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Dirk Cousaert pushes back frontiers. At the core of our vision is

the courage to move in a different direction, fearlessly and brimming

with confidence. The path that we always follow is that of entelechy®.

It allows us to see things from a different perspective.

Dirk Cousaert and his team focus on respect. Respect for ideas,

respect for materials, respect for value and respect for each other

and the environment. Their priority is social profit. A team of 35 people

provides harmonious continuity in the company and in its creations.

Entelechy® is the path we choose in order to achieve a full life.

Our goal is to create spaces that enrich the lives of the people who

work on them and the lives of the people who live in them.

Our creations are therefore always strongly connected to the

people who use them. We achieve this goal by following entelechy®

as our process. Entelechy® is the energy that is unleashed when three

forces meet in our work. Pure, beautiful materials reinforce each other in

striking designs created by professionals who put their heart and soul

into their work.

Our professionals’ objects and spaces speak to people and society.

Conversely, people and society always inspire our creations as well.

To us, that is what making something true is all about. By thinking freely,

we create something true. Entelechy® is our way to a full life.